When I’m on the road my work doesn’t stop. Ever. I can’t afford to miss time working just because I’m not in the comfort of my work space. So I put together a list of my essential apps for creating and working on-the-go. Remote work is the future, especially post-COVID19. Here are a few mobile apps that I use to help me organize and manage my workload.

1.) WordPress App

I’m actually typing this article using the WordPress app for my phone, which links to my website. I can’t always bring my laptop with me so this is essential. I prefer WordPress over other sites for its dope plugins, themes and CSS editing. The people over at WordPress have spent the last decade making online content management easier.

2.) Facebook/Pages App

Facebook is self-explanatory, but their Pages app allows me to manage my Facebook pages without logging in to my profile and being bombarded by birthday notifications or updates about my high school crush’s latest lunch picture.

3.) Uber/Lyft

Minimalism is essential for beginning a career in remote work and travel freelance. So, I sold my car last year and I’ve been using Lyft and Uber to travel around ever since. I’ve saved a ton of money not having to worry about gas, tolls, car payments and maintenance. And I can still work while I travel or catch up on some sleep.

4.) Planoly

This app allows you to map out all of your Instagram posts and see what your profile will look like. It’s great for planning your post content, captions and tags in advance. You can set dates to post and it will remind you when it’s time to share.

5.) Venmo/Cash App

Venmo and Cash App make it easy to send and receive money instantly. They’re perfect for splitting lunch with clients or buying weed off friends. ??

6.) Documents/Google Drive

I use these apps to organize and store files. It’s easy to download files straight from your email without connecting directly to a computer. Documents is great for listening to downloaded music while browsing other apps because it plays in the background, while most other apps will stop playing the song.

7.) Google Flights 

Book flights quickly and without any hassle. I book flights directly on my phone now and this app allows me to see the lowest prices and buy tickets immediately. They will also help you track flight costs and notify you when prices change.

8.) VSCO

VSCO is useful for taking quick photos and editing them with dope filters. Take all your pictures to the next level with this.

9.) WeTransfer/Dropbox

Send and receive large files using these sites. It’s free and I’ve used them to send large video files and music stems. You can easily upgrade for more storage if you need and the pricing is reasonable.

10.) Airbnb

You might have to book a place to stay at the last minute for yourself or a friend. So having this app ready to go is a must for me. There’s a process for setting up but it’s just to ensure that you’re not a murderer. Go through the steps and book a place. It’s also great for planning dope getaways. You can even invite others to sign up and receive credit toward your next booking! Sign up using my code if you’re interested!