We create art and inspiration. I started Fresh Fuzion Collective and I’ve been self-employed since 2013, running operations full-time at my office in Hoboken, NJ. I love running a boutique creative agency with my closest friends only. No big corporations or labels are involved. We’re 100% indie and proud of it!

As a media developer and CEO of Fresh Fuzion/Riot House, I work with up and coming talent, innovators and friends to develop fun content, build think tanks, and implement engaging social campaigns from start to finish! Since 2016, we’ve racked up over 60 million streams and counting! I’ve been featured on NBC, BBC, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight and more. Going viral was cool when it happened, but my focus will always be cultural and creative activism.

Despite significant monetary offers from large corporations, we’ve made a conscious choice to stay independent. We’re committed to being 100% self-sufficient, now and forever! We’re sticking to our beliefs and I’m super grateful for everyone who’s shown support along the way! ???‍☠️??

– Jase Harley

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