Introduction: I met Sara online in a fashion and style forum in 2015. Before everyone quit blogging for Instagram, the big site to post fashion outfits was Me and Jessica, my gf, would comb the site for dope styles, and when someone stuck out(a lot did), we’d reach out to ask them our Top 5 Questions about their life, creativity, and inspirations.

1. What is your biggest style influence or inspiration?

London is everything for me when it comes to fashion, it’s like a whole book of inspiration spilled on the street. Every visit is like a boost of style power for me. I love the designers this city brought and brings forth and the style seen on the streets of East London. In London, you find all global styles casually mixed up. You can spot Asian girls dressed like they were in Harajuku, bold African prints, Parisian Chic and underground culture. Besides there are the most thrilling exhibitions about fashion like the one about Alexander McQueen at the V&A right now.

While being surrounded by so much bubbling style, it’s no wonder why Londoners have a lof of attitude. They love the experiment and wear their looks with a creative casualness. Before living in London, I cared too much about perfection and confused it with boredom. I wanted to reach complete heterogeneity of a look and stuck to old-fashioned rules like that the handbag should fit the shoes and so on. Discovering that this is rubbish liberated my style.

As well, I am influenced by style icons such as Isabella Blow, Anna Dello Russo or Anna Piaggi. I didn’t grow up in a fashion world but in the countryside of Switzerland. When I first saw pictures of those people, I was full of amazement and admired them for their boldness. With all my heart, I wanted to be like them and look like from another galaxy. Step by step, they helped me to discover my style courage. Nowadays, I find a lot of inspiration on the pages of my most beloved bloggers. They almost replaced the stacks of magazines on my desk. I prefer to see people with character wearing what they love, instead of the artificial world of staged editorial shootings.

2. If you had to choose, what would you say was your favorite item of clothing? 

Oh my, this changes rapidly. Usually, it’s always the piece I bought most recently. Whenever I have something new, I am very obsessed with it and can’t believe how I could have lived without this. At the moment, it’s a transparent raincoat. I wear it with nearly everything I own, feeling a little bit like living in the movie Blade Runner. My favourite accessory are my pink glitter Miu Miu sunglasses. I love to buy accessories because they are good investment pieces.

3. Would you say that your style defines who you are?

Certainly! Style is a strong visual language. It’s responsible for the first impression about a person. 

I am convinced people would treat my differently if I would wear business suits and dye my hair in a decent colour. My Style is responsible for the men I attract (or not because many men are afraid of expressive looks) and of the jobs I get. 

Style is also kind of an armour: Yesterday I read an article about Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe and there was written that her friends noted that the more pain she felt, the less elaborate she dressed. That’s almost like I feel, just that I protect myself from vulnerability and not from pain. Sometimes a very striking disguise is just the best disguise to hide your doubts. My style makes me feel bold and free, the crazier I dress, the more I feel liberated from conventions. Whenever I wear a not exciting look, it affects my well-being. 

4. What inspired you to become a fashion blogger? 

A few years ago I madly fell in love with wearing hats. I read a lot of books about millinery – especially about the work of Piers Atkinson. Because I didn’t have somebody close to me sharing this passion, I decided to share it on the net. 

In the beginning, I couldn’t imagine posting outfit pictures. After a while, I realized that showing looks is the only way to talk about my style and during the years it helped me to feel more confident about myself. There are a lot of sweet people out there who make my day with their lovely comments. 

I don’t earn my living with blogging, but work as a graphic designer. My blog is my personal wonderland. The place where I can do whatever I want to do. My goal as a fashion blogger is reached if I probably encourage people to dress like they dream of in their boldest dream. I want to tell my readers to not take the style dictate of the society too serious.

5. Fresh Fuzion is about blending multiple styles and inspirations. What’s your Fuzion?

Sometimes I have the impression that many women I spot on the street take a lot of efforts to look sexy and beautiful. I don’t care a lot about those things. How much more fun it is to be the fashion alien! Style is a transformation, and I want to push boundaries. Fuzion is my remedy to create something new and exciting and just the thing that makes me so very happy.

I love to mix colours, prints, and styles. As a teenager I changed my style every few years in a rather extreme way: I used to be into gothic, the fifties and bubblegum pink Barbie style. My looks still have influences from all these phases as well as from everything I like from Science Fiction movies, pop art, comics and Japanese street style. The more I mix, the happier I am. I feel like a mad barkeeper, and it gives me a lot of satisfaction to clash styles. All the phases I went through are part of my story, and I feel like there is no final stage of style development, but just constant change.