I first heard of Juneteenth back in 2004 from my African World Studies professors, along with other stories that at the time seemed fake and outlandish to my child-brain. There was a Black Wall Street that was bombed and forgotten? The U.S. banned books and movies? I mean, the list went on and on, and I questioned it all with every doubt and ounce of critical thinking I had at that time. One of my past teachers and life-long mentors is Kamau Kenyatta, an African World Studies professor, and author. In today’s podcast, Kamau and I discuss the roots of Juneteenth, the Great Migration’s impact on black families in urban areas, the Civil Rights era, my new song 1969, and the Vietnam War’s role in U.S. attacks against citizens. It’s a lot to digest, so here’s two segments from the full version. Head over to my playlists for the full version!