Exclusiv teamed up with us and gave my team and I a few bottles of Exclusiv vodka, so naturally, we drank it all and discovered a few simple ways to mix it up and then cure that awful hangover. Thanks goes out to my homey, Rose Hart (@rosehartmusic24), for helping out. Watch the video above. Below is the list of hacks we spoke about in the video.You should be able to find the ingredients for the drinks we made at your local supermarket or bodega. FInd out what stores carry Exclusiv by visiting their site and searching.

Hangover Hacks

Night Before ?

1.) Eat a shit ton of food.

2.) Take milk thistle. Milk thistle is a supplement you can find in an herbal store so this requires some pre-planning.

3.) Smoke weed (of course).

4.) Don’t drink low-quality booze i.e. Georgie, Paulo Viejo, Mad Dog.

Day After?

1.) Drink Pedialyte or coconut water to rehydrate and replace electrolytes.

2.) Take BC powder after eating.

3.) Drink a shot of pickle juice.

4. Bloody Mary with or without vodka.

5. IF you’re going to keep drinking, start off with a cider i.e. Angry Orchard for the sugar. The sugar will bring you back to life.

6. Smoke weed (of course).

7. Drink club soda with a “dash” of bitters.