Introduction: I discovered Vintage Guide online in a fashion and style forum in 2015. Before everyone quit blogging for Instagram, the big site to post fashion outfits was Me and Jessica, my gf, would comb the site for dope styles, and when someone stuck out(a lot did), we’d reach out to ask them our Top 5 Questions about their life, creativity, and inspirations.

1. Tell us a little bit about Vintage Guide. What inspired you to start blogging? 

I had a great desire to share my ideas, what I learn and read about developments in fashion trends, and especially, a strong impulse to be daring and challenge fashion concepts. I believe that when you dare yourself to wear something that you never tried or in a new way, this is exactly when you get really inspired which is one of the most amazing feelings! I created Vintage Guide some years ago, when I was starting my Journalism school, my intention was to have a place where I could write freely about my opinions and ideas. To this date I still write with the same enthusiasm, passion and joy when I explore new things that I feel like sharing with the world. I find inspiration in all my life whether I visit new places, watch plays or movies or listen to new exciting music. These things keep me alive and inspired to search for more unknown areas. 

2. On your blog you speak a lot about your love for music. How has music impacted your style? 

Music has had a large impact on my life since I was a kid, which is funny because nobody in my family were particularly interested in music or encouraged me to listen to something specific. In this essence I can say that my interesting came from inside myself and its effect on my life has only grown through the years. From nature I am a very curious person and I was extremely interested in learning more about the music decades I love to get a deeper understanding of the music, style, mood and mind set of the artists and generations. For me it is amazing how much people can be inspired from songs, not only in the present by still several generations later and I can say that there is nothing more inspiring in this world than music. In my opinion, music is by far the best way to give your style a strong soul.

3. Would you say that your style defines who you are? 

Completely! It is my way to communicate who I am to world, without saying even one word. I think fashion, like other arts, is a way to express yourself and I love to combine various items, from different styles.

4. At what age did you become interested in fashion and what got you interested in it? 

I think I had a connection with fashion since I was very young. I loved to see how the ladies wore clothes and I was always curious about it. Even as a kid, I liked to choose my own outfits, sometimes crazy things, but I felt so comfortable doing it.

5. What’s your favourite place to shop? 

Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Burberry. A lot of my actually shopping is in stores like H&M, Topshop, Style Moi, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Forever 21 as well as random small boutiques or vintage stores wherever I go and find something unique.

6. Fresh Fuzion is about blending multiple styles and inspirations. What’s your Fuzion?

All you can think of. I like to mix everything and I do not have any rules, actually I usually break the traditional rules. I love the boho style, the gipsy inspirations, elements from old decades, especially from 70’s, punk and glam, and generally travelling through the decades of rock.